How is your course structured and what technical skills will I learn?

The classes meet online at times convenient for students between the American West Coast and East Coast time zones.  The full-time course expects at least 40 hours per week during roughly normal working hours, and part-time requires at least 15 hours per week after working hours on weekdays and Saturdays.

The pre-course phase is meant to orient you enough with the basics to build a Tic-Tac-Toe game. We also use this time to introduce your cohort and ensure good habits early like touch-typing and use of nifty keyboard shortcuts.

At the time the course officially starts, you will build a portfolio and type racing gamer in basic HTML/CSS/Javascript. You will then build an adventure game with Meteor, learn React, and work on a capstone Meteor practice project. After this, the course transitions to a focus on Express, including the creation of API’s. Many other advanced web techniques are taught between projects up until the final capstone project.

Along the way, you will engage in many fun challenges and mini-projects that teach all of the most popular web concepts including data visualization, machine learning, SQL/noSQL databases, and server management.

What are the student teacher ratios interactions with other people like?

We aim for a student:teacher ratio of 7:1 with cohorts of 14. Factoring in personal time with mentors, the bottom line is an overall amount of facetime with our staff far higher than any other online coding schools.

20% of your course-time, outside of major projects, will be with the teachers. We have them live-lecture in pairs so you see the methodology of how they think, can ask questions as they arise, and get exposed to a variety of viewpoints and background knowledge.

An additional 15% of your time you will be getting personal attention from teachers and mentors, either solo or with a buddy you are coding with. This time is spent clarifying concepts, coaching on code-quality, and helping with architecture decisions, nasty bugs, and general curiosities you have.

Time spent coding during the pre-course and on your portfolio is mostly solo, but you will spend the majority of your time pair-programming thereafter. This is a popular technique used to produce better code, improve your pace of learning, and keep accountability and motivation high. It also develops all-important communications skills.

What soft skills will I learn?

We value graduating wholesome and well-rounded students ready to conquer the world. You will learn user interface and user experience design skills, so your apps look presentable, and grow in many areas of self-development. Professionals also teach many optional skills related to job hunting, freelancing, project management, and entrepreneurship.

What is Meteor and why are you teaching it?

We are the first coding school teaching MeteorJS, despite it being an amazing and popular framework. It offers the fastest way to develop full-stack applications and allows easy exporting to iOS and Android apps. Being fully Javascript, and built on Node, it lends itself nicely as a stepping stone to the much more difficult Express framework. Additionally, Meteor is the best tool for testing out markets and building apps that don’t need to scale. Check out this link to learn more about the strengths of Meteor.


If I am an absolute beginner, with no experience in development can I join your bootcamp?

Our top priority is to provide you best learning experience. If you don’t have any programming background, we will help you to get prepared. It is important to us that everyone is on the same level and therefore, you will be offered to join our bespoke preparation course for two weeks.

I already know how to code, would it make sense to study with you?

Yes. Our curriculum gives you an excellent opportunity to learn advanced JavaScript concepts, boost your knowledge in JS frameworks, learn industry’s best practices from real world experts, and push your career path to the next level.

Should I come equipped with anything?

No, we will provide you with all required equipment, including laptops, additional monitors, mouses, and keyboards. You can also bring your own laptop, whatever works for you is fine with us.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

30 days money back guaranteed

Career service

How does the Career Services Team help me?

Our dedicated experts will assist you to enter the job market by providing career assistance which includes: how to write resumes, how to interview, build your portfolio, and network.

How long will I have access to Career Services after graduation?

We offer a 2-months post-grad career coaching and support.

Is a job guaranteed?

It can never be guaranteed, but as soon as you become a student, we start working on your employment. You have to remember that it also depends on your personal efforts. We guarantee you mastering skills and knowledge needed for your future job, and will also help you to develop soft skills needed to get a job and will support you on this journey.