About Upscale

We are the leading coding bootcamp provider with a world class team dedicated to helping you switch careers. Upscale Academy intensive courses will cover proficiency in core coding skills need to become a confident full-stack developer. 

Our goal is to help anyone – regardless of age, professional experience or educational background – to launch a career as a programmer or developer. Just as math and literacy were the skills of the 20th century, coding is the new skill of the 21st century. Our courses are set up to help you succeed. 

Team of Leaders


Upscale Academy serves the people and organizations in Europe and United States that help make our world better, weirder, and more human.

We aim to ensure and guarantee your future success, we bring together talented instructors around the world from time to time and they include many who have worked at some of the world’s top tech start-up companies to instruct and challenge our students to find solutions to the problems around them.

We pride ourselves in knowing our students will have access to the very best hands and efficient working practices that they need to start their career as a developer at the end of the course.